After Vietnam and Cambodia, Eclat Textile now eyes Indonesia

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25-September-2019  |  1 min read

Garment factory in Indonesia
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After successfully establishing its production sites in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lesotho, Eclat Textile is all set to enter Indonesia.

One of the leading apparel and fabric suppliers of Taiwan, Eclat Textile intends to invest US $ 170 million in setting up a garment factory and a weaving mill in Indonesia.

The entire objective is to enhance company’s production capacity in addition to increasing its presence globally.

The company, reportedly, will be rolling out investment in 3 stages starting October 2019.

In the first stage, Eclat Textile will be setting up an apparel factory that will be completed by the end of 2020. The factory will aim at producing 1 million units per month.

In the second stage, the investment will be on constructing another apparel factory, which also will have a monthly capacity of 1 million units. The work for this factory will start in 2021.

The third stage will involve the building of a weaving mill, whose construction is expected to start in 2 years.

Before the work starts, Eclat Textile will also be working on investment details with possible suppliers so as to set up a comprehensive supply chain for its Indonesia plant during the 2 years. 

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