SolTech+ Apparel unveils UVTR technology-enabled clothing

by Apparel Resources

04-March-2017  |  1 min read

TanRoundSolTech+ Apparel has unveiled the first apparel enabling you to naturally enjoy the sun’s benefits year-round… The UVTR technology-enabled clothing will help boost vitamin D in the wearer’s body, get a perfect natural tan, and stay extra warm.

“SolTech+ is an innovative apparel line with breakthrough technology aiming to redefine how the world interacts and reconnects with sun in cool weather,” reads a statement from the company.

The TanRound is the first apparel line with innovative heating and break-through technology that helps you safely and responsibly sunbathe in nearly freezing weather or in the snow. It’s natural, safe and proven, claims the company.

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SolTech+ is teaming up with athletes from the extreme sports world to the college level to help facilitate their outdoor athleticism all while enabling them to reconnect with the sun.

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