Product appearance as vital as product quality, believes top Denim maker

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

23-July-2018  |  1 min read

Dilek Erik (L), Marketing Consultant, Fuat Milap (C), Sales Executive with a colleague from Kilim Denim, Turkey

Many times companies tend to ignore the relevance of product appearance without realising its strong influence. These thoughts were shared by Dilek Erik, Marketing Consultant of Kilim Denim, Turkey while she was speaking to Team Apparel Resources at an event recently.

Substantiating further on the above, she said that while quality of fabric is very important, one cannot undermine the importance of how a product looks. “Most of the people buy what they see”, averred Dr Dilek.

Kilim always ensures their products are trendy and appealing while quality is given. This perfect blend has helped Kilim become one of the best in denim business.

Agreeing to what Dilek said, Fuat Milap, Sales Executive, Kilim Denim said that they are successful with European brands because Europeans understand what they see.

“We now hope to make it big in Vietnam, but to make that happen people here must be able to differentiate between good denim and bad denim. It will take some time but eventually we will succeed in Vietnam as well,” said Fuat.

Kilim Denim is the first denim factory in Turkey and has been supplying Turkish fabric of highest quality all over the globe.

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