India’s Arihant Impex: Supporting industry with innovative prints

by Dheeraj Tagra

14-February-2019  |  5 mins read

The printed knitted fabric is the strength of Arihant Impex
The printed knitted fabric is the strength of Arihant Impex

Knitted fabric manufacturing is growing in almost all the hubs of the country like Kolkata, Tirupur, Ludhiana and many more. But companies offering quality fabric and innovation in design are still creating space for themselves and heading towards good business. Under the leadership of Deepak Jain, 4-year-old Arihant Impex is one such company. The Tirupur-based company ventured into rotary printing one-and-a-half year ago and has not looked back since then after creating a strong client base with companies manufacturing garments for the domestic market. It recently started supplying fabrics to the garment exporters too. Even moving further, it started its direct export too. In a candid discussion with Apparel Resources, Deepak shared the company’s strengths and strategies which are creating success path for him.

Having nearly eight lakh designs in its product design library, it is aggressively offering customised designs or products as per the demand of buyers or brands, and therefore, product development is one of the biggest strengths of the company. Similarly, it has its own in-house and advanced infrastructure as well as offices in Tirupur and Ahmedabad too. “We are working in an organised way with proper research and planning. We launched printing one-and-a-half year ago and opened Ahmedabad office at the same time. There is a huge scope for printed fabric in near future, but one should have innovation in printing, creativity in designs. And we have a dedicated strong product development team which is supported by expert teams of production and marketing to bring the best for our clients,” informed Deepak.

In fact, the novelty in designs motivated Deepak to come up with printed fabric as he observed that novelty was lacking somewhere in the printed fabric and he successfully tried to fill this gap. Moving as per the demand of the market, the company is constantly offering a variety of fabrics. Earlier it was offering fabrics varying from 150 to 160 GSM. Now with the demand for 180 or 210 GSM, the company is also producing the same with the latest technology. All fabrics of the company are tested by SGS and are Azo-free.

Deepak Jain (C) Arihant Impex with his colleagues
Deepak Jain (C) Arihant Impex with his colleagues

Currently producing 250 tonnes of fabrics per month, the company so far has been targeting two markets namely Tirupur and Kolkata. But since it has increased its capacity recently, it is now extending its reach into new markets within India and outside India too. Within the country, Ludhiana is the new focus for Arihant Impex as Deepak spent more than three decades in Ludhiana and he is very much familiar with the city’s overall demand, working culture and industry. “With growing export and local domestic market across India, Ludhiana is a very good market and we see good scope here,” added Deepak. The company recently participated in GMMSA Expo, Ludhiana, where its booth was completely full with visitors and that too for all four days. The company got tremendous response and prospective clients enquired about its fabric for woollen and semi-winter garments. So far, its client base was formed by purely domestic clients, but recently, it has also added apparel exporters.

As far as overseas markets are concerned, the company is directly exporting its fabric. Recently one of its shipments was dispatched to Colombo and it was appreciated by a Sri Lankan company. Further discussions for more exports continue. “Our clients in Colombo are printing experts and they appreciated our creation, and asked for more innovative designs to us,” informed Deepak. He added,“We got to learn a lot from the export initiative, especially with regard to printing.”

Though the company mainly caters to fresh orders as per the work requirement, it keeps ready stock too. The ready stock is only for those clients who need immediate, small orders and whatever is in trend. Though ready stock is not very beneficial, they keep it to serve a particular segment of the market.

“Our fabric is for all kinds of products and for all segments, be it kids, men or women. And we have equal focus on all segments. There are multiple uses of a single fabric. One of our fabrics was for tees, another customer used the same fabric/design for nighty, so we think from a different perspective,” concluded Deepak.

“We don’t see price pressure as we have strong product development and quality fabric. We neither ask for more price, nor anybody will pay more. It is all about the product and what difference you are offering, who better you serve as your clients. The same is our strength,” – Deepak Jain

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