Flipkart’s FlexBen policy gives employees freedom to customise benefits

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

19-June-2019  |  1 min read

Image Courtesy: asia.nikkei.com

E-commerce giant Flipkart has introduced a new flexible benefits programme, as part of which its employees can now customise their benefits package based on individual needs. The new, inclusive benefits programme – FlexBen 2019 will offer greater flexibility and choice in selecting and funding employee benefits, the company confirmed.

“The FlexBen programme is universal and inclusive as it provides benefits coverage equally to all employees. For example, through this plan, we offer coverage for LGBT couples, choice of additional childcare or parent care coverage and more options for single employees,” Flipkart’s Chief Human Resources Officer Smriti Krishna Singh said.

The FlexBen programme has been implemented after a survey by Flipkart showed that around 50 per cent of its employees chose benefits and policies as an important attraction and retention driver. Further, 20 per cent employees asked for more flexibility in benefits and 10 per cent asked for wellness centres and gym benefits.

The Walmart-owned e-commerce behemoth decided to introduce the flexible benefits policy, which will grant employees the choice to design their own benefits package, including multiple enhanced benefits covering surrogacy, mental well-being, gender reassignment surgery, etc.

Flipkart has been recognised as No. 1 in LinkedIn’s 2019 ‘Top Companies’ survey for the past four years due to the tremendous efforts it has put towards ensuring employee satisfaction.

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