Twinery unveils self-illuminating jacket NOVA

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05-December-2017  |  1 min read

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The innovation arm of Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer MAS Holdings, Twinery has released a new self-illuminating running jacket.

Dubbed NOVA, the jacket reflects light off through fibres present inside the fabric, and can be spotted from three football-field-length away in the dark.

What set the Nova jacket apart from other reflective fabrics available in the market are its self-illuminating properties that make it visible in extreme low-light surroundings as well.

The technology embedded in the fabric is powered by a half-ounce rechargeable battery that is fully detachable and boasts of an 8-hour standby time.

Machine wash-friendly, the jacket is intended for runners, cyclists and other athletes who prefer to train and/or work out during the night. Other interesting utilitarian details such as a hideaway hood, thumbholes, an earphone wire hole and a water-resistant arm pocket to hold a smartphone, make it apt for fitness-related activities.

Slated to ship early next year, the Nova jacket is currently available for pre-order on an Indieogogo campaign.

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