eShakti now lets customers change the garment style with just a click!

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07-February-2019  |  2 mins read
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eShakti, a leading woman’s fashion brand offering custom sizes and styles, has introduced a proprietary customization feature called eShakti FX. The feature lets the users to experiment with the styles of garments with just a click.

Using eShakti FX the customers will be able to amend the neckline, sleeves and hem length of a garment and see the changes happening in real time. With these changes the same garment can be viewed in more than hundred unique styles. The customer can also look each of the style individually and decide which is the most flattering one.

Moreover, the brand offers both, standard US as well as customized size option, to its customers who can order garments according to their shape, size and height for the perfect fit.

“When we were launched over 10 years ago, we knew that standard US sizes and styles-as-shown were not meeting the needs of majority of customers. We were ahead of our time then, and continue to be now. With eShakti FX, we have taken the customer experience to a whole new level that most customers would never have dreamed of!” – B G Krishnan, Founder & CEO, eShakti

e-Shakti majorly focuses on providing garments that are according to the style and fit that the customer wants in the price that is accessible. With more than hundreds of designs launching every day thy make sure that the customized fashion is delivered to them within 13-14 days. They offer products in size XS- 6X(0-36W) and takes height into account.

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