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    February, 2018

    February 2018| 72 Pages
    With just three years to go for the much-awaited 50th Independence Anniversary, the target of US $ 50 billion in apparel export for the second biggest garment exporter – Bangladesh – seems a difficult target! Of late Bangladesh’s growth in apparel exports has not been very satisfactory and touched astonishingly 15-year low growth of 0.20 per cent in FY 2016-17 (US $ 28.15 billion in apparel exports). But in spite of this inconsistent export growth, McKinsey & Company’s survey underlined that Bangladesh would remain the sourcing hotspot for the international retailers and brands over the next five years because of competitive price and China’s declining market. Team AOB delves deep…
    Amidst competition at the global level increasing and business volumes and profit margins decreasing, is Bangladesh geared to remain a preferred sourcing hub…? AO spoke to a few buying houses who share their perspectives on current business scenario, while also underlining the diverse challenges faced by them.
    Also discussed in the issue is ‘green voyage’ of Plummy Fashion – the highest-ranked green knitwear facility globally that dwells on business growth and development.


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