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    January 2020

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    Start-ups are revolutionary and bring disruption to the industry. StitchWorld Jan. 2020 issue highlights few of the technology start-ups that hold the potential to disrupt the industry, in both manufacturing and retail. As the year ends, this issue also talks about the retail trends whose introduction has transformed the industry and is still set to do so. The article talks about technologies like AR, Blockchain, AI and other similar concepts, describing how they are contributing to transform the industry for betterment.

    Smart Garments, where technology meets fashion is another interesting introduction being witnessed by our industry. The trend is slowly evolving with time as people are becoming more tech-savvy. This issue sheds light on smart athleisure like Athos, Nadi X, AOI sleeves and other such tech-enabled garments that are helping wearer with their workout. Moreover, Bangladesh can be seen suffering a lot with growing concern for sustainable practices coupled with rising cost of manufacturing and raw material. However, despite all these challenges, Bangladeshi RMG manufacturers are determined and geared up to adopt sustainable approach like never before. An article on ‘Sustainability and Bangladesh Go Hand-In-Hand’ will enlighten the readers on the same.


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