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    September, 2013

    September 2013| 64 Pages

    This particular issue highlights the forthcoming China International Sewing Machinery & Accessory (CISMA) show, one of the largest in the world with 17% more exhibitors this time. The fair has been previewed in detail, highlighting the showcase of companies like Duerkopp Adler, PFAFF, Vibemac, Gerber, Eastman, Siruba, JACK and Loiva. Editorial favourite article, and the second of the series, is the “Make Through Sewing System” used widely by companies in northern India, from fashion producers to jean manufacturers in domestic as well as export segments. The three essentials of Make Through Sewing System – the quality management, skill development and wage payment, have been discussed in detail. This issue concludes the article series by Mausmi Ambastha on fabric utilization; the fourth and the final article talks about the benefits of ‘Variance Control’ concept by helping companies calculate the difference between the estimated and actual fabric consumption and how to control it. Quality systems in car seat covers manufacturing is well appreciated and followed around the world in other manufacturing sectors too. SW reviews the car seat covers manufacturing quality systems of Krishna Maruti, an OEM for Maruti cars.


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