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    Quality Tools Implementation in Apparel Manufacturing

    2018| 222 Pages| 97881932472-1-1

    Implementing Quality Tools and Systems in Apparel Manufacturing book is a sincere attempt to encapsulate all the possible tools, techniques and methodologies which define ‘quality’ and its constant relevance for the apparel industry be it in the form of quality assurance, TQM and Six Sigma implementation or adhering to the updated ISO standards. An appropriate analysis of quality assessment through concepts like Cost of Poor Quality, Machine Maintenance, Measurement System Analysis as an effective Six Sigma tool accompanied by actual viewpoints of industry stalwarts and in-depth case studies makes this practitioner’s handbook, the second in the series by Apparel Resources Publishing, a constructive guide for every factory person or professional associated with apparel trade. The first practitioner’s handbook of this series has been Industrial Engineering in Apparel Manufacturing which comprehensively forays into the multiple roles taken up by Industrial Engineers and the effective implementation of IE practices in the apparel manufacturing industry.


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