Klarna, H&M collaborate to enhance shopping experience of US ‘fashion fans’

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28-June-2019  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: adn-co.news

Klarna is expanding its horizons in the US market with the Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M.

The Swedish bank has collaborated with about 130,000 retailers across the globe to strengthen several of its sectors: beauty, lifestyle and fashion in the US market.

The partnership will enhance the interaction of H&M customers with the brand by strengthening the development of its digital and physical stores, promising an end-to-end ‘seamless, personalised and engaging’ shopping experience.

In fact, Klarna’s ‘shop now, pay later’ full product offering will now be accessible to the shoppers in H&M stores as well its e-commerce portal, supported by H&M’s app and loyalty programme.

Klarna has been actively strengthening its fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors in the US market, by spotlighting campaigns such as ‘Shop Like a Queen’, post its app launch.

In a press statement, this solution was appreciated by Daniel Claesson, Head of Business Development at H&M Group, who described it as a ‘whole new way of paying’, that aligns with H&M’s mission to give ‘fashion fans’ a convenient and inspiring shopping experience.

The announcement of the H&M partnership was made at a press conference hosted by Klarna at Legacy Records in Hudson Yards, where Derek Joyce, Vice President of Global Accounts at Klarna, described how its ‘all in’ approach to the US market quickly addresses a consumer need for alternative payment solutions, reducing checkout time from 15 minutes to, in some cases, 30 seconds by way of Klarna’s quick underwriting methods and one-click checkout.

The launch in the US is expected in fall 2019.

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