Groz-Beckerts to exhibit its technological innovations at Texas expo

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26-September-2018  |  2 mins read

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Groz-Beckert, world’s leading provider of industrial needles, will be exhibiting its technological solution for the sewing operations at the upcoming IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Associations International) Expo. It is one of the most important regional trade fairs for the clothing and technical textile manufacturers and will be held from October 15-18 in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The company will be showing its SAN 5.2, with a special designed shaft for the increased stability. Also, there is the double coding in the point region for the improved thread guidance during linear and multi-directional sewing processes. This leads to less thread displacement and thus to a more uniform seam . The larger eye allows the use of thicker sewing threads while retaining the same needle size.

Also, on display will be SAN 10 and SAN 10 XS needles for ultra-fine knits and woven fabrics. The shaft geometry of the needles are specially designed for the fabrics that are extremely susceptible to damage like special fine and ultra fine knit fabrics and woven fabrics. These needles have special shape for the needle eye that results in the reduced number of skipped stitches, needle and thread breakage. The titanium nitrite coating (Gebedur), on the needle helps with the improved wear protection and longer life, improving the efficiency of the sewing operation.

 “Increasing demands on productivity and ever more complex applications, combined with the growing variety of materials, are key challenges faced by the sewing industry. In response to these challenges, Groz-Beckert has a variety of special application needles (SAN) – offering the perfect needle for every situation, tailored to the relevant application,” the company reports.

Groz-Beckert also supports its customers through Online Customer Portal Sewing to provide them the easiest and quickest way of finding the right product for them. The portal helps with the detailed information of the sewing technology as well as the company’s products and services.

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