Cotton Egypt Association launches campaign against counterfeiters

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12-June-2019  |  2 mins read

Cotton Egypt Association
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Blacklist the counterfeiters is the voice of CEA!

Cotton Egypt Association, better known as CEA, in its continual efforts to eliminate non-genuine goods from the supply chain, has decided to launch a campaign to blacklist the counterfeiters.

CEA has distinctly stated that it will ‘name and shame’ all those manufacturers who will fail the accreditation protocol that CEA had set up few years back with Bureau Veritas.

Through their new ‘Black List’ website, CEA has, reportedly, taken its first steps by naming Pakistan’s towel manufacturer Indus Home Limited as a counterfeiter and has got its licence suspended.

CEA also soon plans to start a global task force of secret shoppers who will buy products that have the label Egyptian Cotton™ from store retailers as well as online retailers. Once bought, they will send these products for testing.

Failure of the test could lead to the blacklisting of the manufacturer and suspension of licence as it happened in the case of Indus Home Limited.

On CEA’s decision to name the counterfeiters, Khaled Schuman, Executive Director, Cotton Egypt Association, said “CEA has been tirelessly working for past 3 years to safeguard the integrity and authenticity of the brand, in addition to protecting its retail partners and ensuring the shoppers that they are buying genuine Egyptian Cotton™ goods.”

In its endeavour to completely eradicate non-genuine goods, CEA will continue with its facility audits, traceability assessment and retailer surveillance among other initiatives.

CEA is determined to wipe out non-genuine goods and seems to be heading towards right direction. 

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