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Delivering Transparent Apparel and Textile News for the Last 25 Years

Apparel Resources brings the two worlds of Buyers and Sellers in the Apparel and Textile industry together on a single platform through its vast pool of contemporary, insightful and compelling information. Though the portal tracks in real-time the news that matters, its each and every article is an analysis of apparel, textile and fashion industry written and vetted by industry experts who have rich experience and deep understanding of the local as well as the export markets.

Why Apparel Resources ?

Need relevant, in-depth information on the latest happenings and developments in the apparel, textile and fashion industry? You have landed at the right place!

Highlighting the best companies to source from
Covering all the industry events for innovation in products
Tracking emerging markets
Forecasting fashion through street fashion and fashion weeks
Discovering technology to improve quality and productivity
Delivering real-time industry news that matters
Foretelling the trending apparel products
Tracking retailers & brands for their growth strategies
Monitoring Trade data and projections
Interviewing companies for their best manufacturing practices

Apparel and Textile Industry Focus

The four commandments or the doctrines of Apparel Resources are: analysing emerging markets, their growth and projections; tracking products that sell well in different markets; optimising production techniques; and finally, highlighting the innovative and price-competitive companies for the input material, just for you to be more informed, efficient and productive.

Our expertise lies in extensive and transparent reporting on sourcing strategies, textile sustainability, benchmark production practices, global business trends, issues impacting retail markets and manufacturing destinations, garment manufacturing technology, products, fashion influences, management tools, global policies and more.

Our Publications

Our print verticals are among the most read magazines in their respective domains. Our successful magazines include: