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    October, 2015

    October 2015| 1-15| 68 Pages

    The infamous Rana Plaza incident of April 2013 may still keep haunting us, ringing pain even today, but not for Md. Fazlul Hoque, Managing Director of Plummy Fashions Limited, who thought otherwise and rose to earn a rare distinction of being the first LEED-certified Platinum knitwear manufacturing unit. He is aiming to be the highest scoring green facility in the world, adhering to the strict guidelines of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). AOB in a one-o-one gives detailed coverage of the company… Of late, the news pages are full of reports of ‘wage’ increase or demands for wage increase at various garment manufacturing destinations… Read news from many sourcing destinations on this issue, including the Editor-in-Chief’s editorial specific to India in the ‘BeyondBD’ section. Do not miss his observations in the editorial of this edition on the same issue. Besides the above articles, the Tech Management pages include inter-linked articles on – the Checklist for Setting up a Balanced Multi-Storey Factory;the Neoformation Architects: Helping Bangladesh become a Sustainable Manufacturing Hub; Workflow in a Multi-Storey Factory a Challenge; Modular Factory Layout – the Case Studies, among others. Our Fashion pages on Runway to Retail:Prints that made it Big in 2014; besides World Wrap and Tech News make the magazine more interesting and readable.


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