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    May, 1-15, 2016

    May 2016| 1-15| 58 Pages

    The recent conclusion of Fibers & Yarns exhibition has indicated winds of change for the Indian textile industry with most companies focusing on differential products and branding. With Chinese companies displaying Silver yarn; Soyabean, Milk and Bamboo fibres, besides the latest ‘hot’ fibre/yarn linen, shows that the market in India for linen is growing fast, not so much for garments meant for exports, but for domestic consumption. What is also very interesting is the fact that most of the companies are not looking at capacity expansions, but capacity conversion from basic to fancy yarn. Most yarn suppliers and producers are eager to work with Bangladesh also as the manufacturers there are not only looking at basic yarns, but also interested in differential products to support its movement up the value chain… Apparel Online takes a look at the evolving yarn market in India. After months and several rounds of protracted negotiations, the Tirupur Employers’ Association (garment/knitwear units in Tirupur) has finally entered into a new four-year wage accord with trade unions. The agreement which promises 33% hike in wages will be implemented in a phased manner over a period of four years in the ratio of 18, 5, 5 and 5 per cent, respectively. AO talks to the elated Tirupur industry over the settlement, and now gearing up to tackle the implications of the rise… Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, Fashion Trends, Industry Wire, Resource Centre, Export Statistics, etc. make the issue worth reading.


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