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    Placements are a usual scenario after one finishes his/her college. While a student decides for companies to seek, companies also use a measure to decide upon candidates. Psychometric test, a commonly used tool, measures a person’s logical and analytical abilities. While it supports the recruitment process, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide on the weightage of technical ability and psychometric scores. In this issue of StitchWorld, readers will get to know what industry people think.

    Men’s shirt can be touted as one of the unchanged products since the last century, with 18 components sewn together. In another interesting read, Dr. Prabir Jana, NIFT Delhi demystifies the mystery behind the different operations while making the same type of shirt.

    Team SW got an opportunity to explore the newly procured Indian Army jackets. In an exclusive interaction with Ashish Kansal, Executive Director, SMPP Pvt. Ltd., our discovers what features make the jacket a unique one.

    Continuing with our SW Poll section, read interesting views on the topic: ‘Has the rise in compliance made garment manufacturing non-competitive?’


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