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    August, 2016

    August 2016| 80 Pages

    Team Apparel Online, along with the Bangladesh RMG industry, was in deep shock after the recent terrorists’ attacks in Bangladesh as the brunt of the attack was borne by this industry. After Europe becoming the epicentre of such terror activities, smaller countries like Bangladesh are becoming soft targets…! Team AO reiterates its commitment to continue meeting the industry and promoting the country for its worth… With eyes on 2021, the year when Bangladesh will celebrate the golden jubilee of its independence and the year earmarked to achieve a target of US $ 50 billion export earnings from garment, the industry is gearing up. The figure, though appears overwhelming, is not impossible to reach, was the immediate reply of some major apparel exporters when Team AO spoke to them in detail. Things working in favour are the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bangladeshi companies looking to become an alternative to China, and also the work done by Alliance and the Accord, which should strengthen and carry forward the country. Under the ‘Exporter Profile’ segment, Rahman Hasibur, MD, Solstice (a US $ 70 million Dhaka-based apparel export house), is championing a radical shift in the problem solving paradigms with his training methodology aiming to de-stress workers in apparel manufacturing…, while in ‘Emerging Market’ segment, Ethiopia & Myanmar are the next ‘powerhouse(s)’ of sourcing… So watch-out! Besides the above, current and retail news, technology and fashion trend pages make the magazine worth readable.


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