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    March, 16-31, 2015

    March 2015| 16-31| 56 Pages

    With industry-friendly Government in place voicing ‘Make in India’ slogan and attracting new investments and expansions, players in the textile industry for the first time, are feeling positive and are hopeful that the domestic industry will attain a size of US $ 650 billion by 2024-25 by focusing on investments, skill development and labour law reforms. They are also sure that the industry is expected to attract investment of about US $ 120 billion by this period and create about 35 million additional jobs. Read about some major investments currently underway. Also in the spotlight is the business strategy of Texperts, wherein Manish Mehta, Director, Texperts shares the passion of ‘creating’ value from textiles with the ‘revolutionary’ yarn Linocel. “The fabric made out of Linocel, which looks like linen, not only retains the look, feel, comfort, skin friendliness and creasing quality of linen, but also stays in line with the sustainable movement,” says Manish. Another great advantage of using Linocel is that it is easy to weave and knit, making it attractive for textile mills to experiment with. The issue also gives coverage to the Garment Technology Expo, popularly called the GTE, just concluded in the Capital. The fair, which witnessed small but meaningful display of accessories, signalled the revival of the garment manufacturing industry also. AO gives an intensive coverage to some of the companies exhibiting their product on display. Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, H2F, Fashion Trends, Industry Wire, Resource Centre, Export Statistics, etc. make the issue worth reading.


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