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    Apparel Online Bangladesh, in this inaugural issue, shares around 30% editorial content of Apparel Online India which has been serving the industry for the past 15 years; 40% editorial is completely fresh focusing on Bangladesh market view, review and highly popular statistical analyses. The remaining 30% of the content has technical articles discussing production management and also reviews of technologies. This ratio has been worked out based on our extensive survey of the Bangladesh Industry. Under our ‘Lead Story’, read why Bangladesh is a growing manufacturing base for Indian companies, both for export and domestic requirements. According to the JETRO survey report, the total monthly expenditure of running a factory in Dhaka is around US $ 11,411.83, inclusive of all the running expenses like cost of utilities, wages and energy requirements. This is far cheaper than other competing countries. An important product category for manufacturers based in Bangladesh is trousers… In collaboration with Team FFT (Fashion Forward Trends), Apparel Online Bangladesh analyzes this product with intricate details… Read more in our ‘Fashion’ pages. Also read why Bangladesh is an important manufacturing base for denim wear; and how Indian mills are geared up to offer differential denim for growth…


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