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Pearls and Statement Sleeves serenade women’s Shirts and Blouses segment

by vishakhasomani

27-October-2017  |  4 mins read

As summer draws to a close, retail stores all over the country have begun to be flooded with both fall/winter and festive collections for the upcoming season. While the implementation ensues in very small doses, but the trends in stock have never looked as close to the shock of global runway presentations as they do today. The horizontal perforation of trends through globally inclusive aspects like social media and increased international travel are the major contributors to the same.

However, it can also be argued that with trend forecasts becoming extremely elaborative and both designers, as well as brands, churning out garments at a very fast pace; perhaps designers are just blindly following the pre-determined trends these days and creativity has taken a back seat in favour of retail friendliness.

Similar to our fashion week coverage, Apparel Resources has collated the top performing trends being sold right now across the women’s Shirts and Blouses categories across stores in India.


Classic Plaid: Taking a cue from classic men’s wardrobes, check prints in all its sizes and colours are turning out to be a massive trend for women’s apparel. The old fashioned plaid, also known as tartan, is being played around in not just typical red and black but in different colours and with an outbreak of embellishments in place.


Wordplay: Loud fashionable screams are in vogue. The slogan mania has stepped out of kids t-shirts and is now being spotted on semi-formal shirts and grown up t-shirts as well. Seeing as most of the typeface used on clothes is capitalized and the words are always funny or ironic, the wordplay megaphone trend is here to stay.


Pearl Embellishments: Embroidery, sequins and light embellishments always play well in Indian retail. This season, a hint of elegance is brought to the fore with glistening pearls. A touch of luxury in high fashion, pearls are being sewn on as dreamy motifs, shoulder ornamentation and in the form of pre-attached imitation jewellery.

H&M and ZARA

Wrap and Knot: Last season knots and lace up were some of the biggest trends on the street and while their assortments are still seen in stores, the trend for wrap around styles has become much more prominent. Wrap around tops with bows, pre-stitched seams and ruched edges were seen in a variety of comfortable everyday fabrics in every store.

ZARA and H&M

See Through Materials: Surveying through the masses of fashion collections in store, it is easy to see that layering is clearly the trend to beat. Tops that are designed to be worn over co-ordinated slip tops or even statement foundation wear were seen in both dark neutral and bright colours like hot pink and leaf green.