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December, 2018

December 2018| 44 Pages

The fashion cycle now moves faster than ever before considering the fact that the consumers’ demand is quite diversified and the recent trends suggest that the industry has therefore shifted to the concept of fast fashion. Today customers want clothes that are trendy as well as affordable at the same time, a rare and difficult combination. In this issue, we have covered an article based on how the fashion retailer Myntra is using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to overcome the fast fashion challenges and has launched two fast fashion brands whose designs are totally computer generated.

This issue also covers our exclusive conversation with Chairman of China-based SG Group who talks about his strategy to increase the Group’s market share. Moreover, an insight of the blockchain technology is also talked about as to how this technology can be useful for the apparel industry player supported by two practical examples of its implementation.


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Blockchain and its relevance in the apparel industry

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