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    July, 2016

    July 2016| 44 Pages

    The sourcing options for apparel retailers have never been so diverse. Even as the fraternity makes peace with China’s mounting wages, the pace at which Bangladesh has developed and Vietnam is being developed is enthralling. The wage bomb is ticking anyway at these locations as well, and since the economy in both the countries is improving, the opportunities in other sectors will soon start weaning away the workforce from apparel factories to other emerging sectors. In the latest StitchWorld, find a comparative analysis between Ethiopia and Myanmar – the next two hot and actively pursued manufacturing destinations. Another interesting read is an exclusive walkthrough of Sai-Tex’s state-of-the-art jeans manufacturing facility – the Vietnamese pioneer of jeans manufacturing. Md. Ifthikar, Production Director of Sai-Tex, details on the intricacies of perfect jeans manufacturing. Exclusively for StitchWorld, Rahman Hasibur, MD, Solstice (a US $ 70 million Dhaka-based apparel export house) presents a radical shift in the problem solving paradigms. The framework proposed by him derives from the ‘Design Thinking’ ideology by David Kelley – a Stanford University Design Post Graduate; and Tom Kelley – a Management Post Graduate from University of California, Berkeley. The essence of Design Thinking is extremely simplistic – when you are commencing your journey you should keep every odd in mind, and based on that you should be prepared for every eventuality. One segment he is targeting is training, which he believes is about repetition more than skills.


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