Fashion tycoon and ‘Bestseller’ owner Anders Holch Povlsen loses 3 children in Sri Lanka attacks

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23-April-2019  |  2 mins read

Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Anne Holch Povlsen
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Denmark-based fashion mogul, Anders Holch Povlsen, has lost three children in the recent attacks in Sri Lanka as confirmed by his spokesperson on Monday. The 46-year old is the CEO and sole owner of the international clothes retailer chain Bestseller, a company founded by his parents, the largest shareholder in the British internet clothes retailer, and second – largest in German internet clothes retailer Zalando.

Jesper Stubkier, communications manager of Bestseller, confirmed the sad development to British news agency Press Association on Monday stated that three of Povlsen’s four children were killed. “We have no further comment and we ask that the family’s privacy is respected at this time,” he said.

Out of the nine bombs that were detonated, shattering at least three hotels and three churches, it’s still unclear, which one, killed the children. It wasn’t disclosed which of Povlsen’s children were killed or whether they were visiting Sri Lanka with other members of the family, although Povlesen was reportedly visiting the country with his wife and children on a vacation.

The attacks have claimed more than 350 lives till now, with the death toll still piling high. Many bombs are being discovered by the Sri Lankan security department.

According to The Times newspaper of Britain, Povlsen is the largest private landowner in the U.K. as he and his wife Anne own about 2,00,000 acres in the Scottish Highlands (over 1% of the Scottish lands), making them the second biggest land owners in Scotland after Britain’s royal family.

According to Forbes, Povlsen has a net worth of US $ 7.9 billion. Stakeholders are still wondering if this turbulence in the family will cause any major changes in Bestseller’s shares.

The mishap has affected the country’s apparel industry, as a whole. The usual shipments and industry work has come to a halt, after the terror strike.

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