Here comes world’s first biodegradable stretch denim!

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15-November-2019  |  1 min read

Biodegradable stretch denim
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Blue is getting greener as two denim leaders come together to give sustainable denim.

Denham, the Dutch jean manufacturer, has joined hands with Italy’s Candiani to give world’s first biodegradable stretch denim.

There couldn’t have been a better partner than Candiani for Denham, considering the former being a pioneer in responsible denim production.

This new stretch denim is made from organic cotton that’s wrapped around a natural rubber core and is free of plastics. What’s noteworthy is that the new product is made without compromising on elasticity and recovery properties.

The much-renowned Candiani’s patented, plant-based Coreva Stretch Technology is one of the integral parts of the stretch denim – another trait that makes its unique.

The range of jeans will soon be available at as well as in Denham’s retail outlets across the world.

What makes the collaboration so special is the commitment of both Denham and Candiani to environment. As Alberto Candiani beautifully sums up “We are not doing this because there is a demand, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

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