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    March 2019| 44 Pages

    The issue talks about the evolution of Jack’s famous ‘A’ series of lockstitch machines, which gradually evolved from the company’s first lockstitch machine named F4, and over the years has reached to A6F model passing 5 generations successfully. Also, China has recently earned good reputation in terms of quality of manufacturing, especially in its sewing machines. This issue contains an article on how these Chinese sewing brands are growing in India. Moreover, it will further introduce us to the technology available for fusing a dress shirt which requires the perfect combination of heat and pressure. Additionally, in the previous issue we have already covered the first part of retail technologies that are transforming the retail trend; this issue contains another 15 technologies that are contributing to the same.

    StitchWorld March issue will further introduce you to the 2019 gold collection winners in apparel category at the ISPO 2019 fair, from 3rd to 6th February at Munich Messe. This annual event is held to accelerate the global evolution of sports and support it worldwide. ISPO awards the products in different categories like ski, protection, apparel and accessories.


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