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    Keeping up with our new resolution to keep you update with what could be the future of the industry, the current issue explores the futuristic ‘Digital Twin’ technology. Operating on a virtual copy of a product, a machine, a process or even a complete factory, might be the next threshold of a digital ‘smart’ apparel factory.

    Robots have so long been considered the foes of humankind, despite various arguments and discussions. The next era is the era of collaboration and connection where robots are programmed to work with humans. These new kind, Cobots, are explored in the article inside.

    While the world is moving ahead, on a practical note, Indian apparel industry needs to find back its strength in embroidery and utilize it. Based on the conversation with Vikas Kapoor and Kavita Ahlawat, Founders, EMBiQ, Team StitchWorld throws light on slipups that generally happen in embroidery section.

    The fact that the Bangladesh apparel industry is speeding up production with the help of technology, needs no further proof. Expansion plans of Delta Group and Mahmud Group tell the story.


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    Article From This Issue

    • Once considered as the hub of embroidered garments, India has, however, failed to capitalise on its strength in the segment and lost orders to the other countries over time. The exclusive article by Apparel Resources throws light on the reasons for the same:

    • Imagine creating a complete virtual factory, from simulating products and processes to controlling operations and its working. And copying those changes in the real factory to avoid any shortcomings before it even occur. This article entails a detailed insight on the concept of digital twin and its applications in apparel industry.