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June, 2018

June 2018| 48 Pages

Long time back, apparel manufacturing moved out from USA to Asian hubs due to rising costs. However, concepts like ‘Inshoring’, ‘Reshoring’ and ‘Nearshoring’ have gained momentum for local manufacturing once again. Customized apparel and demand, driven by consumers, define the scenario of apparel ‘Made in USA’.

A concept where the production starts only when the consumer has placed the order leads to a number of advantages such as reduced inventory, customized apparel, speed to market and more. The current issue carries a review of three such companies, On-Point Manufacturing, Suuchi Inc. and Detroit Sewn, which are operating on the same model.

Another interesting reading for our readers is the new column ‘SW Poll’. Various topics of industry relevance on which industry stakeholders have different opinions, cast their vote. The first question revolves around the debate on automation and will it be able to compete on the cost offered by mass apparel manufacturing.


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Article From This Issue

OnPoint Manufacturing, Inc.: A successful role model of ‘On-Demand’ customisation

Asian countries are not built with customization concept, so as more and more people are demanding more customized options, on-demand manufacturers will come in to play especially in the largest apparel market in the world USA where on-demand customization concept is rapidly increasing.

Jun 23, 2018  |  Production

Consumers play vital role In driving the sportswear innovation

The consumers’ who participate actively to shape the markets of tomorrow and share their experience to develop new products and services can be termed as ‘Early Adopters’.

Jun 29, 2018  |  Product

The Apparel Story: Will Technology be the Key Driver in Manufacturing?

For the first-time ever, the developed and the developing worlds are using similar platforms, including the Internet, social media, and mobile technologies.

Jul 02, 2018  |  Industry 4.0