Threekit unveils a new product visual platform

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12-October-2019  |  3 mins read

Threekit unveils
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Threekit, a 3D product configuration and visualisation platform provider, unveils latest development of a product visual platform that can generate thousands of photorealistic, interactive 3D and augmented reality visuals much faster and in less cost.

The platform intends to meet the need of e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar retailers who want to create an ultra-realistic digital visual of their products giving brief detail of every customisation, configuration, style, colour, texture and size.

This will further enable the online retailers to combat the biggest challenge of the actual fit and view of the garment thus reducing the returns and creating better conversion rate.

Moreover, there has been a 40 per cent increase in the conversion rate and 80 per cent decrease in the return, as shoppers have better visibility of what they are buying before it actually arrives at their doorsteps.

“Today, we live in an increasingly visual world, surrounded by Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, but too often, when we want to buy something online, the product visuals don’t live up to what we expect. With the launch of this platform, companies can greatly elevate their visual customer experiences,” averred Ben Houston, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Threekit.

The additional capabilities of the software involve creation of a variety of static and 3D-product images. The platform supports a feature called instant assortment change which on importing the product catalogue allows instant creation of a rule engine that businesses can use across their visual supply chain.

It can send the visuals to the stores instantly thus giving better speed and simplicity.

Besides, the feature of easy collaboration allows the marketers and 3D designers to work in collaboration. The 3D designers have the tool to create visuals and marketers can modify the product configurations and approve visuals instantly.

Also, a feature on valuable insights acts as an analytic dashboard giving details of the best and average performing products so that the retailers can make data-based decisions.

Furthermore, Threekit is the only known technology that allows the creation of 3D photorealistic images and AR without any need of photography.

The technology has found its application across a variety of industries including furniture, jewellery, apparel, medical and consumer packaged goods. Few of the brands currently using the technology are Ciroc UK, Bostontec and Herman Miller.

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