Zünd unveils MindCUT Studio

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31-May-2019  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: www.zund.com

Zünd Systemtechnik AG, a digital cutting system provider, has launched the latest MindCUT Studio, a software suite for automated textile cutting.

The new software is hugely efficient with nesting of plain fabrics and print matching, offering smooth print & cut workflow for textiles that are digitally printed. The system automates the entire digital textile cutting process into a well-integrated workflow starting from material capturing, to marker production and facilitating parts removals.

The working of the system starts with the encapsulated camera that captures the position and dimension of the material. Simultaneously, all registration marks in case of a printed textile applications are captured by an over-cutter camera (OCC). If there are no registration marks, OCC notes the position of pictures outlined on printed outlines. The system also has an option to automatically generate the cut data, and the materials can be marked in advanced to avoid being noticed only after cutting.

Furthermore, the technological capabilities of the system have trained it to automatically detect any distortions and patterns in the textile.

It also offers pattern-matching options, independent of the pattern style like a stripe, pattern or plaid. It further has the intelligence to import standardised data (both part and marker-based) and process it.

Also, the new nesting algorithm to lay out parts on the fabric, automatically generates the production markers and delivers better material utilisation. Moreover, MindCut Studio can project the detailing like colour coding and parts information on the monitor for better visualisation.

The changing fashion trend and the increase in affordability of tailor-made clothing has raised the demand for more number of designs and options. This has mandated the manufacturers to use technologies that can streamline their process. The company’s MindCUT Studio, powerful software capabilities thus aim to shorten the lead time by streamlining the whole cutting process.

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