Xaar celebrates its ground breaking technology of 5601 print heads

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07-February-2019  |  2 mins read

Xaar 5601 print heads
Image Courtesy: xaar.com

Xaar, UK based leading independent manufacturer of piezo-based drop-on demand inkjet technologies, celebrated the ground-breaking technology of its high performance Xaar 5601 print head, at a special event with its UK staff.

The Xaar 5601 is based on Xaar’s silicon MEMS thin platform which is the culmination of over eight years of research and development. It is a platform that represents a major step forward in digital inkjet printing and has created a foundation for Xaar’s thin film printheads of the future.

With over 5600 active nozzles, The Xaar 5601 printhead is the one of a kind from this platform providing an exceptionally high-quality print resolution that is capable of jetting up to nine liters of fluid per hour at a frequency in excess of 100 kHz. Besides all this, the state-of-the-art technology incorporates Xaar’s TF Technology in order to maximize production uptime, print quality and printhead time whereas its unique Z profile makes fitting multiple printheads as closely as possible ensuring exceptionally compact print zone and reduced cost of ownership.

“Understanding customer and market requirements was key to the development of the Xaar 5601. We wanted to develop an aqueous printhead with higher resolution, higher printing speed and higher print quality.This meant we needed to start our development with a blank piece of paper, designing every part from the ground up and not being limited by the previous technologies.” – Ramon Borrell, Chief Technology Officer, Xaar PLC

It is worth noting that Xaar 5601 has been receiving overwhelming response since its release. The customers have been impressed by the performance of the printheads in terms of outstanding print quality, its unparalleled usability and the print speeds that it can achieve (upto 2 metres per second)

“We are immensely proud of what has been achieved in terms of delivering a completely new technology platform, which we expect to deliver a step-change in inkjet printing. Today was about recognising this and reinforcing how each person had a role to play. It is a fantastic achievement by everyone at Xaar and demonstrates our leadership in inkjet technology.” – Doug Edwards, CEO, Xaar

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