Texprocess 2019: FKgroup talks about ‘FK Lab’ and ‘Super Jeans’ cutting system

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03-June-2019  |  3 mins read

Super JEans

A leading Italian technology company FKgroup has been optimising cutting room operations since the past 55 years. The company was the world’s first to develop spreading machines with electrical parts and still keeps itself very well updated with the latest technological trends.

In order to have better and a wider global presence, the company actively makes efforts to enhance customer relations and tap new customers. With the same agenda, FKgroup marked its sturdy presence in the recently held Texprocess in Germany where it showcased a wide array of its products. “Texprocess has always been a trade fair that lets us find customers who sooner or later buy our products and 2019 edition is no exception,” informed Sergio Gori, CEO, FKgroup.

The major highlight at the event was Super Jeans cutting system that received a huge attention by the visitors at FKgroup’s booth. The machine is an automatic conveyor cutting system, with the cutting heads designed especially for cutting high lays of denim. These heads are made of aluminium and steel that make them much stronger. The cutter consumes approximately 5.9 kW of electricity using eco-power technology that guarantees considerable power saving, almost 5 to 8 times lesser than what is consumed by other cutters. Furthermore, the cutting speed is 110 metres per minute which is made possible through a blade vibration of 6,000 RPM. The cutter can be maintained via remote assistance and also has been approved by WHO as medically safe for operators mainly due to its medicated healthcare filter.


The machine comes in variable working area to fit the need of different scale manufacturers. All different sizes have a power supply tension of any three phases and can cut from 70 to 90 plies depending on kinds of denim. “All of our machines are industry 4.0 ready with many algorithms in the pilot software. Also, we are focusing both on human brain and the technology and combining them together to give full package to our customers so that the error chances can be minimised completely,” explained Sergio.

In another development, FKgroup is opening FK Labs in Sri Lanka and Mexico while a few labs are already running in Italy and France. FK will analyse the requests coming from its customers in these labs and will aggressively work on to strategise to convince them about the exact ROI period so that the customers will be assured of the investment that they are making in FK machines. “Sri Lanka is a chosen place in Asia as it has close proximity with all major garment manufacturing hubs such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia,” averred Sergio. Furthermore, considering the many sites, the technical teams remain active 24×7 in the various FK Labs and will handle all the queries coming to them from different parts of the world.

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