Organ Needles offering solutions for every sewing requirement

by Apparel Resources

29-February-2016  |  2 mins read

Organ-NeedlesOrgan Needle Co Ltd began its journey almost a century ago in Tokyo, with gramophone needles. Today the company has to its credit a vast product basket of sewing needles, embroidery needles and knitting needles.

Operating in Bangladesh, through its sole agents in the country, General Business Co, the company presents to all its buyers with its catalogue of sewing needles.

“With our regular and ball point needles, today we dominate 80 per cent of the sewing needles market,” shared Norihiko Iitaka, Sales Manager, Organ Needles.

The company’s comprehensive range of needles includes ball-point needles (S, Q, J, B, U and Y series), sharp-tip needles (SPI series), needles with long tapered blade (NY2 series) and needles with large eye (LE series). The needles are further segregated into slimmer needles (KN/SF series), seam pucker preventing needles (NS series), needles with deep scarf (SK series) for prevention of skipped stitches and needles with short shank (KK series) for preventing yarn breakage.

Moreover, all needles come with specialised coatings such as HP coating for controlling needle temperature, which is of great importance when working with synthetic fabrics, LP coating for issues related to adhesion and PD coating for reduced wear and point damage.

Apart from these best-selling solutions, the company is also geared up for the new product categories that Bangladesh is expected to adopt in times to come, such as foundation garments and shoes. “Not only do we have the required product, but we also have a local team that has been trained at the Organ Needles’ R&D centre in Japan,” shared Norihiko.

Besides, several interesting product releases have also been scheduled for the upcoming JIAM show. Organ Needles has built an extensive sales channel in the country more than 20 years with it dealer General Business Co, and it is looking to take its market share up to 90 per cent in the coming year, revealed Norihiko.


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