New form of ‘smart clothing’ from Singapore!

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16-August-2019  |  2 mins read

‘smart clothing’
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Singapore gives a new definition to wearable technology! The researchers in the country have invented a new form of clothing, which they have called ‘smart clothing’.

What’s this smart clothing going to offer? The researchers say the smart clothing will not only help enhance signals but also save the life of battery on wireless devices like smart watches and headphones.

Who wouldn’t love wearing such clothes! ‘Metamaterial’ – a one-of-a-kind invention from researchers – will allow radio waves such as WiFi and Bluetooth to glide across apparels between wearable devices instead of radiating outwards in all directions.

What it does is that sensors and wearable technology like Apple watches or AirPods can establish stronger connections faster and save energy.

Elucidating on the same, John Ho, Assistant Professor, said “This T-shirt enhances the wireless connectivity of devices around my body by 1,000 times.” He was referring to the sports T-shirt he was wearing – the one laced with comb-shaped strips of the metamaterial textile.

‘smart clothing’
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He added that this could be utilised for measuring the vital signs of athletes or hospital patients.

The researchers from Singapore said that this smart clothing could help keep signals more secure by transmitting sensitive information close to the body and away from potential eavesdroppers on the radio waves.

It is noteworthy that John led the 10-member team that helped invent this new technology over last year.

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