Needles & Elements brings first-ever Spangle Motif Machine to India

by Apparel Resources

03-March-2016  |  2 mins read

Spangle Motif MachineMoving forward in value-addition, Needles & Elements India, New Delhi has come up with ‘made in Korea’ Spangle Motif Machine – DECOS S42-M6C from NC Korea, and claims that this is first-of-its-kind in India. The machine was displayed at the recently concluded GTE 2016 in New Delhi, India and garnered good response from the industry as well.

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Rajiv Jain, MD, Needles & Elements India, New Delhi, told Apparel Resources, “Yes, this is the first-ever machine in India and other than NC Korea, nobody is manufacturing it in the world. We are informing the industry about the difference between spangle and sequin, as machine is new to Indian the market and nobody is using it at the moment. Once the application is clear to them, they’ll be open to adopt this technology. The machine can offer six colours and can make dot design from 1.5 mm to 6 mm. It also gives print effects and makes 800 dots in a minute, which is so far the fastest in the world.”

The DECOS S42-M6C machine has many advantages in terms of product development as normal sequin has a minimum size of 5 mm but spangle is available in 1.5 mm as well. With the use of spangle instead of sequin, garment does not create irritation as spangle is softer (because films that go into making spangle are softer compared to films that make sequin).

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Currently, films for spangle are being imported from Korea but Needles & Elements India claims that it will be available in India very soon.


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