Kornit Digital launches Kornit Atlas with recently developed NeoPigmentTM Eco-Rapid inks

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09-September-2019  |  3 mins read

Kornit Digital
Image Courtesy: www.kornit.com

Kornit Digital, a global market leader in digital textile printing innovation, introduces Kornit Atlas!

Kornit Atlas is company’s next generation direct-to-garment printing platform that provides garment decorators and screen printers a unique tool for mastering the present and future challenges of the textile supply chain.

The system comes equipped with new recirculating printheads and recently developed NeoPigmentTM Eco-Rapid inks that deliver highest standards and retail print quality.

The unique printing engine features an advanced version of Kornit’s HD Technology. The printer is ready for the future release of its cloud-based business intelligence, productivity analytics and optimisation software platforms. This will allow the users for easy future network connectivity required to support fleet management and optimisation of global multisystems and multisite enterprises.

Commenting about Atlas, Omer Kulka, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Kornit Digital said “Atlas has been designed in a modular and future-ready way, driving quick and easy implementation of new developments in the future. At Kornit, we remain focused on constantly introducing technology that allows the industry’s leading brands to better connect with their customers and to adapt to the rapid changes in consumer preferences, impacting the fashion and apparel industry, and is driven by the talent in our global research and development division.”

All the technical features of the machines collaboratively work to deliver an annual production capacity of up to 350,000 impressions, optimising production efficiency and cost of ownership.

“We have delivered the Atlas on the collective feedback of thousands of Kornit systems’ operators and on the experience collected from hundreds of millions of printed garments simply put, the Atlas is the best and most cost-efficient direct-to-garment printing technology for high-quantity and high-quality production requirements,” commented Omer.

The NeoPigment(TM) Eco-Rapid ink is the main driver of the Atlas system, providing industry-leading white ink opacity, matched to those of conventional screen inks, and meets highest durability standards on multiple fabric types. The increased colour gamut and saturation deliver deep full tones and precise spot colour matching.

These inks are developed keeping the sustainability as a major focus and are  Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport certified and GOTS pre-approved.

The Atlas launch completed an extensive period of beta testing, with extremely positive feedback from early adopters. Deborah H. Merrill, President of the Delta Group (parent company of DTG2Go), said, “Many of the Kornit Atlas’ innovative capabilities, including the wrinkle detection and pallet ergonomics, present clear productivity benefits. The new Eco-Rapid ink provides impressive brilliance and colour gamut, meeting all wash test standards with no discernible scent. We are glad we had the opportunity to beta-test the Kornit Atlas and are certain it will become a key component within DTG2Go’s production line.”

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