Jeanologia’s G2 Dynamic redefines sustainable fabric finishing

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05-October-2019  |  2 mins read

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Here’s another technological advancement from Jeanologia the world’s leading provider of sustainable technologies for effective finishing.

The company unveils G2 Dynamic, the first ozone treatment for continuous fabric, which reduces the water and chemical consumption from 85 to 95 per cent along with delivering a detoxed and sustainable fabric.

In fact, if a kilogram of fabric utilises around 15-20 litres of water, then G2 Dynamic will help bring down the number to around 0.5 to a maximum of 3 liters per kilo.

Besides, the technology further increases energy saving from 70 to 80 per cent.

The latest eco friendly ozone textile technology is a result of 15 years of innovation in the industry from fabric to final garment.

Within 3 years of its launch, the technology has gained huge acceptance from the industry, with almost 30 manufacturers installing these machines in their production processes.

Jean Pierre Inchauspe, person in charge of G2 Dynamic, said “The main weavers of the 5 continents are already using this technology as an indispensable process for the sustainable finishing of their fabrics.”

80 per cent of the machines are being used for finishing of denims (blue and black) and 20 per cent for the finishing in loom state (other colours). It is also stated that the market for ‘denim fabric’ in colour will become more important in the coming years.

Also, with the introduction of this technology Jeanologia marks the availability of a sustainable alternative to several other traditional, more polluting and water-consuming processes in the textile industry.

With G2 Dynamic, Jeanologia has achieved the aim of dehydrating and detoxifying jeans.

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