Groz-Beckert – Visitors can expect Needle Novelty at the Show

by Apparel Resources

01-May-2011  |  2 mins read

Groz-Beckert Loop Position Control
             Groz-Beckert Loop Position Control

Groz-Beckert, famous for its sewing needles and knitting applications the world over, will be presenting a new support concept for the industry at the Texprocess 2011 by combining local Sewing Application Labs in various parts of the world, including one in Northern India – Chandigarh, with the extended possibilities of the Groz-Beckert TEZ Competence Centre in Albstadt, Germany. While the local Sewing Labs provide fast support to the sewing industries, the Competence Center provides R&D cooperation and testing facilities not only for sewing but for all kinds of textile joining processes.

Visitors can expect from Groz-Beckert a real needle innovation at the Frankfurt show. The company is expanding its LPC – Loop Position Control – concept to chain stitch needles. After having tested and evaluated the excellent performance of this needle concept with many industries in lock stitch applications all over the world, the step to do the same with the flexible chain stitch seams is logical. The company expects from the new needle an improved sewing performance and seam quality.

The SAN 12 concept is focusing on the high-end of leather seating and car interior production that will also be on display. International designers of such lifestyle products often have very specific ideas concerning the optics of seams and their contribution to the ambience of a car. Groz-Beckert provides support to the producers of such products with a special series of needles, generating perfect seam appearance with high process reliability.


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