Eastman Cutting Machine joins hands with Polisea S.A. to expand in Europe

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

28-January-2019  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: www.urbanvisions.ro

US-based Eastman Machine Company, a 130 year old manufacturing company specializing in cutting equipment, has recently joined hands with Romania-based industrial firm Polisea S.A. Polisea will now represent Eastman’s line of automated cutting systems, manual cutting machines and material handling equipment.

The collaboration has been done at a time when Eastman is making targeted efforts to grow its reach in South East Europe. The efforts will now be led by Polisea which has 25 years of expertise in the business of flexible goods industries and is expected to strategically strengthen Eastman’s position with its ability to provide sales, field service engineers, CAD specialists and overall support to Eastman clients across the region.

Under the collaboration, Polisea will start with setting up a demonstration facility in its headquarters within the year and the facility will feature a range of Eastman automatic and manual cutting machines. The facility will be open for cutting trials and software training to all customers in the European Union region.

“As more production from large companies returns from Asia to the EU and develops these markets beyond 2020, Eastman and Polisea will collaboratively support local businesses through analysis, acquisition and start-up of critical equipment and software investment.” – Robert Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eastman

Robert further boasted that the experience, product offering and business network of the two family-owned businesses complement each other and he expects to see real success from this cooperation.

It’s worth noting here that Polisea provides automatic and manual cutting solutions and comprehensive software packages for end users in apparel, furniture, automotive, technical textile and composites. Their business model has been focused since 1995 on selling, servicing and supporting automatic cutting solutions.

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