Duerkopp Adler unveils buttonhole machine using Festo solenoid valves

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26-June-2019  |  2 mins read

Duerkopp Adler
Image Courtesy: www.duerkopp-adler.com

At Duerkopp Adler, technology is yet again at its best!

The leader in automatic sewing machine market has unveiled an automatic eyelet buttonhole machine 581 that gets the job done in less than 4 seconds.

The machine features the compact size solenoid valves, VUVG, provided by Festo which is a leader in textile automation technology. The valves allow easy handling and processing of fabrics with fastest variant for making jeans with a cycle time of just under 4 seconds.

These valves also control all pneumatically driven functions of the machine including cutting and punching to separate the fabric and the pneumatic adjustment of these cutting/punching devices that depend on the size and type of buttonholes.

Encapsulated with the state-of-art technologies, the machine comes with a control technology, multiple thread feeds and automatic cutting system. The machine first marks the shape of a buttonhole which is predefined on the operating panel of the machine and then cuts the fabric at a high speed – finishing the job within seconds.  The multi-flex cutting system in the machine allows cutting of different buttonholes without having the need to change knives.

The company’s preference for the VUVG valves was for its wide range of variants. These compact valves with high flow rates can be encapsulated not only in the new product development but also in the existing automatic machines. Its compact size saves the space in the system and thus reduces the total weight.

VUVG valves also feature greater cycle time, energy density and smaller cylinder sizes all because of its 10 bar technology.

Moreover, the patented cartridge principally makes it one of the most durable and reliable valves. Electrically and pneumatically actuated, the solenoid valve can be used both as an individual valve and as a valve terminal. One of the unique characteristics of this valve is its optimised footprint with an excellent size/performance ratio.

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