‘Continuous Improvement’ is the key to Lectra’s success in Bangladesh

David Leprovost, Channel Sales Director, South and South-East Asia, Lectra (L) and Shamim Masudul Haque, Deputy General Manager, Aamra Resources Ltd. (R)

In the year 2006, Lectra joined hands with its Bangladesh’s agent Aamra Resources Ltd to capture a market that was just waking up to the wonders of automation! Not an easy job! With a combination of commitment, responsive service and good technology, the company now owns around 80% share in the Bangladesh market. Team Apparel Resources, in dialogue with David Leprovost, Channel Sales Director, South and South-East Asia, Lectra and Shamim Masudul Haque, Deputy General Manager, Aamra Resources Ltd., catches up on the nerve of the Bangladesh market for Lectra and why it is still the most important for them.

SW: How is the Bangladesh market for Lectra? What factors are inspiring you to do business in this country?

David: During the initial years, Lectra struggled a lot in Bangladesh as prices for the technology at that point of time seemed to be too high for them and also, the companies were not so much interested to invest in technology. But now, with Lectra’s persistence of working closely with companies, well supported by the open mindset of the garment exporters which is critical for the exporters to stay relevant in the wake of growing labour wages, more companies are investing in our cutting solutions. This has really supported our growth and we are now leading the Bangladesh market. Our services and nearly zero downtime solutions have made us the clear leader in the market.

SW: How do you see Lectra as a growth partner in Bangladesh?

David: We are committed to help the industry grow and I do believe that not only Bangladesh but also other countries like India and Vietnam are bound to use cutting room solutions as they have no other choice to sustain in the market. We are confident that we will grow together with the industry in many manufacturing destinations.

SW: Who are Lectra’s major clients in Bangladesh? How did you convince them to invest in your solutions?

Shamim: Lectra and Aamra have deeply penetrated into Bangladesh. We have worked hard to educate the garment exporters about how our technology will increase their profit margins. In 2007 and 2008, we had a target to capture just two customers and once we got them, we put every bit of our efforts together to deliver them the best of our services and to educate them on how to best optimize their cutting room. Our efforts brought us more customers like Fakir Knit, Esquire, Ananta, Knit Concern, Pacific Jeans, Ha-Meem, FCI, MicroFibre, Square Fashions and Denim and many more with great reputation in the apparel industry. We strongly believe now that we are not only the bestseller in the market, but also the best service provider as well. For this, Aamra and Lectra will keep investing in our support services.

SW: What are your new offerings for Bangladesh market?

Shamim: Vector iX and iQ cutting solution is our latest offering. With this upgraded new generation model of Vector cutter, we continue to lead the way in uniting technological expertise with specialized industry needs. This particular cutter model helps increase productivity by up to 10% because of the patented continuous cutting. Additionally, the cutter comes equipped with a real time alert system as well as an anti-error system that alerts the user about any possible bottleneck in advance.

SW: How much growth is Lectra expecting next year?

David: Fast is becoming faster, customers are more matured than ever, value for money is something everyone is looking for and mass customization is making a strong presence in the industry. Amidst this metamorphose, we are growing steadily but strongly in the Bangladesh market and the future seems to be good too. We have set ourselves a target of 15-20% growth by 2018.