Bonding tech provider A T House introducing ‘seamless garments’ concept to Bangladesh

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30-March-2018  |  4 mins read

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A small number of players are known to be present in the Bangladesh RMG industry who provide bonding technology. A little penetration into this technology in the country proves that Bangladesh is new to the concept of seamless garments. Although, a lot of activewear manufacturing facilities have their presence in the industry, but still sewing is the method being adopted to join plies of fabrics.

A K M Fakhrul Islam, Former Country Manager of Eastman, is trying to introduce the concept of seamless garments to the market with the help of A T House Limited, a Dhaka-based, total garment and textile machinery solution provider that sells bonding machines by Italian-origin Framis Italia. Now the Managing Director of the company, Fakhrul informs, “We provide complete solution for material as well as machine, whereas our competitors are either machine provides or materials providers.”

However, Fakhrul affirms the hesitant and confused response from the medium and small players. “It is not a common technology for them. Most of them are still unaware of its importance and reliability,” says Fakhrul. But, assertive of the Framis Italia bonding machines, he believes that the players will soon realize its importance and invest in this technology.

A K M Fakhrul Islam, Managing Director, A T House Limited

Big players like Intimate Apparels, Nine to Nine and ZnZ (Ananta Apparels) are the existing customers of A T House Limited. Apparel brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike have approved the company’s tape. The company has set up a bonding showroom for customers who have shown interest in the sample machine. At the showroom, these players can make samples with the help of bonding technology. Such set-ups not only help in propagating the concept among exporters, but the samples can also be shown to buyers to fetch new orders. “For instance, if someone is not confident about investing in the machine and buyer asks them for bonding operations in certain parts of the garment, we do it for them,” explains Fakhrul. The company is working with Amantex and Mondol Group with this concept.

Talking about the advantage of Framis Italia over other Chinese suppliers present in market, Fakhrul says that Framis Italia is basically a chemical company which later expanded its foothold in machine manufacturing. It has a dedicated R&D department where fabric samples collected from all over the world are tested on the basis of what kind or type would be suitable with them. “Framis Italia is one company that has the knowledge and expertise of both material and machine. Rest of the companies might not have the knowledge of both the aspects,” avers Fakhrul. Taking the thought forward, he concludes by saying, “If exporters want good CM price, they should look forward to doing something different.”

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