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A&E and Applied DNA to develop anti-counterfeiting sewing threads

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

7 months ago  |  2 mins   read

Image Courtesy: amefird.com

American & Efird (A&E), a leading manufacturer of industrial sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles, has inked a deal with Applied DNA Sciences Inc. to develop a sewing thread-powered anti-counterfeiting technology. The development will be made under the CertainT programme which certifies to customers that the product they are buying is ‘authentic’.

The collaboration will lead A&E and Applied DNA Sciences to use SigNature DNA and Beacon technology to create new security applications for sewing threads.

“The CertainT Program is a platform to provide innovative solutions for brands and retailers in their entire supply chain. The customers are becoming more vigilant and security-minded, thereby, the DNA technology can provide them with a wide range of protected products in which integrity of components is critical,” averred Les Miller, CEO, A&E.

According to Applied DNA Sciences, three processes are followed in CertainT named Tag, Test and Track.

At the tagging stage, the thread will be assigned a secure identity via molecular tagging and other visually-identifiable or machine-readable features. Then comes testing which will be conducted at Applied DNA’s forensic laboratories, on-site or in-field with prescribed processes and tools.

Finally, the data will be collected from tagged raw materials as they are incorporated into finished goods. “Information regarding the chain of custody, geo-location and date/time stamp, lot or serial number are useful, therefore, can be identified with this technology,” claims Applied DNA Sciences.

A&E, which is also the largest thread manufacturer in the US, will further support the world’s leading brands including those that cater to the shoe and athleisure categories with the newly developed secure technological sewing thread. “The industrial and consumer brands now require strict integrity and high quality in their products. Hence, A&E’s extensive portfolio of products combined with the CertainT platform is ready to provide them with a trusted solution for customers to serve their requirement of the anti-counterfeiting protection solution,” informed James Hayward, President & CEO, Applied DNA.