Official website of Shima Seiki renewed!

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17-June-2019  |  2 mins read

Shima Seiki

Shima Seiki, the leading computerised knitting machine manufacturer in the world, has launched a completely updated official website with the slogan‘KNITify the world’.

After providing innumerable solutions to the apparel manufacturing industry, the company has recently expanded its product innovations and offerings to other industries as well such as shoes and accessories; automotive; healthcare and aeronautical.

Through the slogan, Shima Seiki intends to propose knitting as an alternative method for all products that are being manufactured in the industries the company deals with. The new website will provide detailed insights into the new slogan, while promoting the knitted apparels in various market applications and familiarising the users with the company’s products.

The website includes pages on the company’s “Total Fashion System” where the concepts related to integrating the planning, manufacturing and sales stages that form revolutionary supply chains are explained at length.

Also, the other pages include “Sustainability@SHIMA SEIKI”that explains how manufacturers can conduct sustainable manufacturing practices using their products and solutions. While the“Virtual Sampling”explains to the user the benefits of replacing the traditional physical sampling with the former, which includes saving a large amount of time, the “WHOLEGARMENT”introduces users to an evolutionary new form of knitting that even revolutionises the knit supply chain.

In addition, the mobile-friendly website also has a product catalogue that can be downloaded making it even more convenient for the users. Notably, the website can be accessed in different languages including English, Japanese and Chinese.

Besides, Shima Seiki has also introduced its new portal site“Shima Seiki Online Services” that introduces its various web-based services to the users. These services help the users in all the stages of the product supply chain, ranging from fashion trend information and archive of knit samples to production management and training support.

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