Chinese textile company Highsun deploys over 20 Karl Mayer’s elastane warping machines

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07-August-2018  |  2 mins read

Elastane warping machine
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Highsun, a leading company specializing in polymerization of polyamide and production of spandex, has been using Karl Mayer’s yarn warping machines for years.

The company has installed about twenty Karl Mayer’s elastane warping machines with types DSE HH and DSE 21/21 EC in its factories. Yarns having a count starting from 18 to 640 deniers can be managed on these warp preparation machines along with the beams carrying between 30 and 1,090 warp yarns can be warped.  The machine also has a camera monitoring system that interrupts the machine operations in-case of any yarn breakages.

Last year, the company also invested in DS 50/32 DNC direct warping machines.

Mei Zhen, General Manager of Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technologies Co. Ltd explains, “Highsun will strengthen and consolidate its strategic cooperation with Karl Mayer in the future. Our company group will continue to concentrate on the production of and research into top-quality polyamide and spandex, as well as high-end products to put us at the forefront of healthy development within the sector”.

Highsun installed first Karl Mayer’s elastane warping machine in 1994 at GuiFuRen Company, an early subsidiary of the company. Due to the increased demand for the warp knitting machines, Highsun again invested in a large number of Karl Mayer’s elastane warping machines in 2011.

In another development, the alliance between Karl Mayer and Highsun alliance allow latter’s employees along with the warp knitting customers to attend the training sessions organized by Karl Mayer Academy in China. The instructors and service specialist at Karl Mayer (China) impart the knowledge to the customers of both the companies about the process to be followed while setting up, operating and maintaining the warp knitting machines.

In a recently four-day course held at Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd, Wang Wenyong, the Head of Warp Preparation section, provided the information regarding the direct co-relation of warp beam quality and warp knitting efficiency and measures that can be taken to improve the warp quality.

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