Visual Next unveils productivity boosting application for the apparel manufacturers

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14-March-2019  |  2 mins read

Visual Next Productivity boosting app
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Visual Next, the fashion software provider, recently launched an application that gives manufacturers greater visibility of workplace productivity, enabling them to make better business decisions and improve efficiencies in order to boost speed to market.

The Visual RTS application provides apparel manufacturers with a device module built to streamline the shop floor operations from employee management through embedded barcode ticketing which is all deployed over WiFi using smart devices for a low cost of ownership.

The tool let factories achieve greater visibility of their workplace productivity with built-in analytics to make better business decisions and improve efficiencies and processes to deliver the products on time.

Visual RTS connects directly to ERP systems to track as well as update production processes as it facilitates employee pay and enterprise-wide production management. The module can be integrated into any ERP solution and excel with minimal hardware requirement. Furthermore, the system can be used with various devices like tablet, desktop, payroll systems and finger scanners so that time, attendance and pay will be calculated based on the productivity. Also Dashboards provide real time visibility and management of employee time and attendance, operator performance by task, machine diagnostics and production metrics.

In addition to this, it has embedded ticketing and labelling with full barcode capabilities that mobilises the workforce with the scanning of individual operations given to an operator or machine including the measurement of completion against KPI metrics and inspections.

“As manufacturer’s look for more progressive and collaborative relationships with their factories and we onboard more and more global manufacturers, we develop innovation to support their business requirements and enhance our solutions specifically to support the future of manufacturing. Also the supply chain requires speed to market which is accomplished with a combination of relationships and technology to streamline every step of the product from concept to consumer.” – Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development at Visual Next 

Moreover, Customers can purchase the module as a standalone or as an extension of their Current Visual Next platform

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