Tukatech unveils latest version of TUKAcad for subscription in native languages

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16-October-2019  |  3 mins read


Tukatech announces the release of its latest version of TUKAcad 2019!

What’s more interesting is that it is available on subscription basis in multiple languages including Chinese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Russian, Korean, English and many more.

More on this, Boris Vishnevsky, Chief Technology Officer, Tukatech, said “With 23 per cent of the world population speaking Chinese and a large percentage of design and development happening in China, it is important for the local users to use a system comfortably in their own language.”

He added “Besides in China, the demand for Chinese version of TUKAcad has been rising as more Chinese-run factories open in other parts of the world. We have over 100 TUKAcad Chinese systems running in Italy.”

TUKAcad is a digital pattern-making, grading and marker-making solution for the apparel industry, consisting many built-in audio/video tutorials in different languages to promote self-learning.

A library of reference blocks (many with grading) eases out the pattern development process as it eliminates the need to start a pattern from the scratch.

The graded size sets allow any amendments in the patterns thereby reducing the time and improving the productivity.

The professional edition of the software also includes a feature for pattern card creation, marker generation and built-in plotting and email services. The system is also capable of generating powerful ISO data for running automatic cutters.

TUKAcad has been available on subscription basis for 16 years and the facility is being utilised by the industry professionals of over 42 countries.

And that’s not all! Even top US military contractors design and develop advanced tactical gears using TUKAcad on a subscription basis.

Ram Sareen, Founder, Tukatech, TUKAweb and TUKAcenters, said “I wanted to help the industry as well as the educational institutes to use CAD systems by offering a subscription option. Subscriptions start at US $ 25 per month for students and go up to US $ 200 per month for professionals. We make sure everyone can automate their processes as much as possible.”

He also said “Fashion schools in Asia, Americas and Africa have their students subscribe for lessons, homework and exams. They take advantage of our US $ 1.00 trial for the first month. We also have over 50 communal microfactories, TUKAcenters’ located in fashion districts around the world, where they can get hard copies or other services.”

TUKAcad subscriptions are available via TUKAweb.com, a web-based service portal.

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