Studio F records growth with Centric’s PLM solution

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

06-November-2019  |  2 mins read

Studio F

Studio F, Colombian fashion company, has successfully recorded growth with the implementation of Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

The installation of the software was done in 2014 based on company’s fashion industry performance, positive acceptance from the European fashion customers and solutions’ features that are aligned with the brands’ needs.

The investment in Centric PLM was done to speed up product development, increase communication, to better handle business operations as the company expanded across different countries.

Five years later, the brand has experienced an amazing growth evolving into one of the largest fashion brands in Latin America from a well-established domestic brand. This digital transformation has helped the company double its number of products and increase its number of stores in Mexico and Chile from 57 to 156.

The company was also able to launch e-commerce website across different countries and decrease time to market by 14 per cent.

Jorge Mario Serrate, Head of Solutions for Latin America at Studio F, said in a Centric press release “We had an application that was built in house and it was kind of rudimentary. It had difficulties with regard to performance. It took a long time to export information to our ERP solution and sometimes the information was incomplete. We were unable to fully track the status of products from the moment a collection was conceived until the product was finally released for purchase.”

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