SOMAINNOFIT: a revolutionary way to help women find the perfect fit bra

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08-January-2019  |  2 mins read

Soma Smart Bra
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Chico’s FAS, intimate apparel brand Soma, has the ultimate solution to the major fitting issues of the bra sizes.

The company has launched SOMAINNOFIT, an app supported by patented measurement technology, that helps women find the perfect fit bra without the need of a measuring tape or fit quiz.

“SOMAINNOFIT continues the legacy of Soma’s mission to break new ground with innovative styles and powerful solutions for women who focus on fit and uncompromising comfort,” said Mary van Praag, President, Soma.

When a women puts on the SOMAINNOFIT bra, the bra can be connected via Bluetooth to the SOMAINNOFIT app. It then quickly captures the four key body measurements and recommends the perfect size and selection of Soma bras of different styles. This makes the searching process of a perfect fit bra, with different varieties, a much more easier process.

The customers can directly purchase the bra through the app on Soma’s website,, or in Soma boutiques nationwide. Multiple women can use the same SOMAINNOFIT bra by downloading the app and entering their unique bra identifier.

“We believe every woman deserves a bra that fits them perfectly, and our innovative technology provides a new, easy way for our customers to find their bra fit and purchase bras from the comfort of their home. Soma’s unique tool furthers our commitment to providing most amazing service for women because, at the end of the day, we believe it’s what’s underneath that really matters most.” added Mary.

These bras will be available from 8 January on its website SOMA.COM at an introductory price of US $ 25. Moreover, a person purchasing SOMAINNOFIT will be getting a discount of US $ 25 on a new Soma bra. It will be available in stores from 23 January and used as a part of the certified, five-star bra fit service. The SOMAINNOFIT app is available for free download on the Apple and Google app stores.

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